Florida Keys 2018 Vacation Capsule

Florida Keys 2018 Vacation Capsule

Longline top, $595 / Acne studios shirt, $140 / Talbots petite white top / La Blanca beach tunic / Monrow polyester v neck t shirt / L K Bennett no sleeve shirt, $71 / Gibson twist sweater / Bobeau ruched tee / BP ribbed t shirt / L L Bean blue sleeveless shirt / L L Bean faded t shirt / Blue off shoulder top / J.Crew stretch jean shorts, $84 / Talbots white boyfriend shorts / Talbots floral skort / Talbots lace bathing suit cover up / Shape navy blue capri pants / City Chic micro denim shorts / J.Crew side zipper shorts / Boden clothing / Adidas Originals blue striped legging / Lands End blue high waisted bikini bottom / Navy Vintage Floral Loose Kimono / TOMS navy ankle strap sandals / Skechers trainers, $74 / B.o.c. Børn Concept strappy toe loop sandals / BP multi colored scarve, $18 / J Crew j crew mens clothing / Lands’ End | Mix and Match

Christmas Capsule

Christmas Capsule

Streamlining the Closet

I have two situations working against each other. First, I have way too many clothes.  I know, I know, my fault, but I am trying to simplify. Second, my closet is far too small. Take your standard door and that is how wide and deep it is. My closet was stressing me out.



So last week I took these issues on and started working on getting rid of clothes that I never wear or that don’t make me happy. I made two exit piles. One pile went in a bag to be donated, I am working on selling the other clothes in Facebook groups.

As I was assessing my clothes, I made sure that each item that went back into the closet worked with most of the other items.  Since we are at the end of summer, I also removed most of my warm weather and vacation clothes as well as winter clothes.  In essence, I created a fall wardrobe capsule of about 60 pieces, not including accessories and shoes.



The last thing I did was to buy these hangers. They literally made all the difference in the world.  My clothes hang better and I have more space in my closet.  I still have my dresser to go through and my second closet (in another room) with all of my summer and winter clothes in it. But for the start of school next week (I’m a teacher), I will at least have peace of mind about my clothes!